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We provide property tax advisory services on all aspects of UK taxation with our main focus being on property tax.

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You can draw on our significant experience working with a diverse range of high net worth clients. From business owners and Directors to landlords and property investors.

C Charles & Co Accountants in London with passion Everything you want, demand and need on time every time – as standard Plus expert assistance helping you become even more successful.


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We provide property tax advisory services on all aspects of UK taxation with our main focus being on property tax.


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Whatever your business – from a brand-new start-up to a multi-million pound business, and everywhere in between – you’ll find our range of services is geared to help you achieve more. This includes your statutory accounts, you see you have your own set of requirements, needs and desires.
At C Charles and Co clients receive a customised, tailored service regardless of their size. You see, we respect our past, and as partners we are the first to acknowledge that some of our very best customers started off very small.

Through a combination of their hard work and our experience many are now highly profitable, significant organisations.

You can see the core accountancy services here.



Choosing an Accountant | 9 tips

Selecting an accountant can seem a daunting task, but if you choose correctly, they can be an extremely valuable asset to your business. A good accountant will not only handle your financial and operational data but will offer professional business advice on a number of other topics too, leaving you free to focus on maintaining and expanding your business.

Did you know that according to government statistics, businesses with one to 9 employees are more likely to turn to an accountant for help with employment law than any other type of professional adviser? And for C Charles & Co we are proud to be our clients number 1 most trusted provider.

There are lots of reasons why our clients use us from the strength of our team, to our specialist property experience or our unique tax solutions.

That does not mean we are right for everyone, so here is our free guide, 9 tips when choosing an accountant see here

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