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Nicholas Charles
C. Charles
Mr Nicholas Charles FCCA

Nicholas quali?ed as an accountant with chantiey Venacott DFK. He holds several directorial roles including C Charies & C0 Limited and Growfast Properties Limited.
He specialises in connecting successful entrepreneurs and investors and assists high net worth clients to retain their wealth through effective tax planning.
He is an ambassador of Assay Heritage an organisation that improves the likelihood of successful families retaining their assets and their unity across muutiple generations from 10% to 90%.

Nicholas loves to help growing businesses by taking on non executive directorships. Currently he is the Non Executive chairman of penny power Limited and Non Executive finance director of Banktothefuturecom.
He is a national speaker on wealth retention strategies and is looking to expand his speaking events to cover property investing and wealth creation techniques.
He also acts as a property consultant for his high net worth chents and has helped clients in the past to purchase and sell property in excess of £2m.


Theogasia Catsapa
C. Charles
Ms Theogasia Catsapa

Ms Cotsapa quali?ed aver 28 years ago as an accouncant under the ACCA and her vast experience has proved invaluable to our organisation.

She is an expert in looking after the accountacy and tax affairs of small and medium sized businesses.
Ms Cotsapa is also an expert in dealing with Tax and VAT investigations.
She also provides tax consultancy services.

C Chades & Co has been utilising her expertise for over 26 years!




Demetri Demetriou
C. Charles
Mr Demetri Demetriou

BA ABE MBA -Consultant

Demetri is our in house tax investigations expert. His knowledge and experience in dealing with the HM Revenue and Customs is immeasurable and greatly appreciated by our clients!

Demetri has been providing our firm with high level tax and accounts consultancy services for over 23 years which has provided our business with the required stability to enable us to grow successfully year on year.

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