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C Charles & Co have become the account of choice for many companies in London.

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In the 1970s, C Charles & Co opened its office in London and over the years, thanks to a loyal and growing customer base, we have flourished and prospered.

Now, more than 45 years on, C Charles & Co have become the account of choice for many companies in London and further afield who want more than just historical accounts.


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Making life easier for our customers

Since forming C Charles & Co, our aim has been to supply companies in London with proactive, pragmatic, down to earth advice whilst removing the financial burden. Our clients get access to years of experience in accountancy and taxation.
Customers comment that by working with us they have:
An easier life without the worry and burden of compliance
Paid less tax
Grown as a business whilst keeping more of what they earn
Had a trusted advisor they could turn to at any time
Enjoyed business far more.

By providing an honest and flexible but reliable service, we really do aim to make a difference to your life – less stress; more time and more retained profits.
By doing what C Charles & Co are great at, we can leave you to do the same.


Over 45 years experience


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C. Charles

Your needs may change from day to day, but one thing is constant – knowing who you can trust to help you achieve your goals.

At C Charles & Co you get access to a practice with over 45 years experience working with companies in London and across the world. Its this unique experience combined with our open, honest, no nonsense approach that means you can always trust us.

Our clients love to work with us, because they get all the expertise and advice they require to help them grow and reach their corporate and personal goals. It’s far more than just a dull look at the historical accounts and a bill. We believe that truly effective accountancy is far more about planning for the future than simply evaluating the past. We give our customers support when they need it most, a plan to work towards in any climate, expert advanced tax planning and a significant lead over their competitors.

(Meet the team behind this refreshingly different approach)

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